About Me

My name is Dmitry Vyukov (aka Dmitiy V'jukov, dvyukov and remark), I am 034 years old, and I live in Moscow, Russia. You can contact me via


You know, I've got a rightful comments that there are too many undergrads writing naive things about loсk-free algorithms all over the Internet, so I kind of need to prove my "authority" on the matter :)

Ok, so I hold MS in IT "High-Performance Computing Systems", Honours Degree, from Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

I am Intel Black Belt Software Developer in Parallel Programming.

I am the winner of Intel Threading Challenge 2010.

I am (hopefully) a visible person on comp.programming.threads.

I am messing around with loсk-free algorithms and related things since 2006. Since that I invented a dozen of novel synchronization algorithms (queues, mutexes, registers, lifetime management, etc) that I published in my loсk-free newsgroups.

As a side-effect I developed Relacy Race Detector - a tool for precise verification of synchronization algorithms for relaxed memory models.

I am also an author of top-scoring entries for the Wide-Finder 2 challenge and for the Chameneos-Redux Language Shootout benchmark.

I have 8 years of professional C/C++ experience (+10 years of amateur experience), and I am looking at "the multicore problem" from strictly pragmatic engineering point of view.